Healthcare industry sees a constant flow of new entrants and competing moves by various players. Changing demographics and disease patterns, emerging technology, fluctuating economy demand new strategy for patient care. Healthcare organisations must respond to the new opportunities and position themselves to deliver the best patient outcomes.

We work closely with our clients to put together a concept suited to maximize revenues with the available resources. We help conceptualise the hospital in terms of ownership, philosophy, bed-mix, facility-mix, choose if and when to build, renovate or reengineer and to revise the project to make it viable. Estimation of costs to structure the means of financing the project, is an important area that we focus on.

A good hospital design has positive outcomes on patient and staff. Efficient work flow design and adjacencies of facilities help to contain costs and increase operational efficiency. The team will work with Architects and design consultants to deliver an efficient facility. We help arrive at the optimum design.

35 – 40% of the project cost is attributed to high-end bio medical & engineering equipments. Experience in hospitals of various sizes and phases, has fine-tuned our expertise in technology design, procurement and sourcing. We assist our clients in designing, developing and implementing integrated, technology-enabled solutions that create high-performing healthcare organizations

For the specialty mix of the project we design the optimum equipment list that will maximize the revenues for the hospital.

The different stages in Technology Planning are

  • Need identification and source identification
  • Techno-commercial evaluation
  • Phasing and procurement
  • Installation, approvals and training

Technical expertise and a commitment to solving a hospital’s critical problems are our strengths. We believe these attributes are critical to staying focused on intended outcomes while demystifying IT planning and implementation within your organization. Depending on the solutions you seek and the availability of internal resources, our role can range from:

  • Infrastructure Conceptualisation
  • Planning, Designing and Implementation (data networking server architecture)
  • Evaluation, Suitability Assessment, Training and Implementation of software for hospital.
  • Supervision of the Installation of HIS servers & systems, PACS and the Network
  • Training and orientation of staff

Establishing and maintaining an efficient supply chain is a multi-dimensional investment for hospitals. Supply acquisition costs, account for a significant portion of the hospital’s spending. Controlling the inventory through systems for product receiving, maintenance, and disposal costs will help contain the costs. We design, customised solutions to meet your unique needs, in the following areas:

  • Material catalogue
  • Vendor identification, selection, negotiation and contracting
  • Equipment and Property Management
  • Inventory Management system

Process oriented organisation design leads to more patient centred care and quality improvements. The central idea of creating Standard Operating Procedures is to reduce system variation, drive results and increase operational efficiency.

Necessary guidelines and protocols considering operational and strategic vision of the organization is essential for a hospital. The SOPs related to systems and processes of the hospital, in keeping with NABH and other international standards, would ensure a smooth start and effective functioning of the hospital. These documents shall support the client in achieving maximum output and productivity through optimal utilization of resources.

  • Design workflows to increase efficiency
  • Evaluate workflows to eliminate ineffective steps

Quality human resource management practices are essential for retaining Effective professionals in hospitals. Given the recruitment and retention reality of healthcare professionals, the role of HR department in hospitals cannot be under estimated. We help hospitals ensure that the culture, style and structure of the hospital and the quality and commitment of the staff contribute to continuously improving patient care. We provide support to management on all aspects of Human Resources to ensure efficient services and optimal patient outcomes.

  • Attracting and Retaining the Best
  • Clear job descriptions and evaluation process
  • Continuously Improving Human Resources through training and development
  • Best practice HR polices to promote a positive working environment.
  • Recommend changes to reporting structures
  • Recommend changes to job descriptions

Commissioning finds ways to achieve performance excellence and brings a return on investment, which is why commissioning should be a part of every hospital project — no matter how big or small. Hospitals are unique in that they operate 24 hours a day, without a break for years. They have a vulnerable population and a multitude of human and material resources. So the commissioning process for health care Organisations are more complicated and requires detailed planning and greater coordination. Most hospitals are unaware of the innumerous interlinked activities that need to be completed for the commissioning.

We detail the process of commissioning to ensure that people to equipment to licenses, are all in place for operations on day 1. An important part of commissioning a hospital is to ensure that all functionaries are aware of their roles and responsibilities, the process flow and the relationship between departments. Having a knowledgeable, experienced team that understands the multiple facets of commissioning will not only make your projects run more smoothly, but ensure operational efficiency