We at Trisha Healthcare Solutions, are passionate about healthcare and are driven by the opportunity to innovate, while deeply grounded by experience. Our team comprises of healthcare professionals from diverse hospital specialities, brought together by their commitment to healthcare.

With our unique interdisciplinary approach leveraging the depth and breadth of our experience as healthcare executives, clinicians, and technologists, we enable clients build capabilities, improve performance, establish Quality business models and systems, comply with complex regulations, systems reduce costs, optimise technology and stimulate growth. We Work with our clients to deliver sustainable and measurable results.

Our Core team has over 50 years of combined experience as healthcare practitioners. We manage client projects and ensure high client satisfaction throughout our engagements. Specializing in key areas such as Operations, Clinical Engineering, Information Technology, Human Resources and Physician Engagement, Supply Chain Management, Nursing Services, our principals bring unique perspectives and expertise to our strategy engagements.

Quality Practise

All clients at TRISHA are treated in a professional and courteous manner. You will be perceived as a member of our family.

Industry Best Practices

Projects are handled based on the best practices in the industry. Our consultants have many years of practical administrative experinece and so they have good understanding of the putting together the various pieces of the puzzle.

We Value Our Clients

We value your ideas and opinions. The vision for your facility is your dream. We facilitate the realization of that vision.